Front Desk book club thoughts

I chose to join this club because I bought FRONT DESK at Kids Read Comics several years ago, and I still have not read it and I thought it would be more fun to do as a group. Book clubs are the #1 way to get me, personally, to read something. I don’t think I know very much about this culture at all! Asia is such a big continent with a wide variety of cultures that I know things about certain sub-sets of this culture, like a good friend of mine is Indian American and she says things like “my father’s brother”, but in Urdu that’s how words are laid out!

Lippmann writes “the attempt to see all things freshly and in detail, rather than as types and generalities, is exhausting, and … practically out of the question.” which I suppose is true; while I can keep track of the many intricacies of a close group of friends, it’s much harder to with an entire race or a broad crowd of people, so stereotypes filter their way through. The problem is is that sometimes stereotypes reduce a person to a superficial version of themselves, which is not ideal.

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