A Year of Miracles book review | Everything will probably be fine

The Year of Miracles (recipes about love + grief + growing things)
288 pages
publishes July 26th, 2022

Thanks to NetGalley for this advanced review copy.

From the author of Midnight Chicken Ella Risbridger, a month-by-month chronicle of writing and recipes that explores joy and healing through food.

This cookbook is about a year in the kitchen (and in the garden under the fire-escape steps). A year of grief and hope and change; of cardamom-cinnamon chicken rice, chimichurri courgettes, quadruple carb soup, blackberry miso birthday cake, and sticky toffee Guinness brownie pudding. A year of loss, and every kind of romance, and fried jam sandwiches. A year of seedlings and pancakes. A year of falling in love. A year of recipes. A year, in other words, of minor miracles.

In Ella Risbridger’s first book Midnight Chicken, she showed readers how food can serve as a light in our darkest days. Now, in The Year of Miracles, Ella shares her story of recovering from loss with the help of good food and good friends. The book celebrates making a fancy dinner even if you’re just eating it with a spoon in front of the tv; having people over to dinner without overthinking it; finding late night snacks to ease you to sleep; and having seconds–of everything. Above all, it a powerful testament to how cooking can help us get up and start again in the face of unimaginable hurt.

With tender vulnerability, mesmerizing prose, and delectable recipes, The Year of Miracles is a touching, unforgettable book on finding hope through food.

A YEAR OF MIRACLES is a book that is part memoir and part cookbook, and also full of beautiful little watercolor drawings for spice. There are both full spreads and little doodled details. I think this book is cozy and absolutely worth your time.

The recipes are written in an easy-to-follow and casual format, which is very very good. HOWEVER, the measurements for the recipes are in grams rather than cups, which is confusing if you are 1) a non-baker, 2) American. Also sometimes you get British names for things (courgettes??) instead of the American name, which I obviously found confusing.

Four stars. Booksweet link.

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