Affirmations for Empaths book review

Affirmations for Empaths: A Year of Guided Journaling by Judith Orloff, MD
232 pages
publishes August 9th, 2022

Make the most of your gifts as a sensitive, caring person with this weekly affirmation journal from the foremost expert on empaths.

An affirmation can be your most potent ally for immediate self-care when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or stuck in negative thinking. “Affirmations are like friends you can call on when you need protection, grounding, a loving attitude adjustment, or a reminder of your strengths,” says Dr. Judith Orloff. “For empaths and all caring people, they are a crucial element of self-care.” With Affirmations for Empaths, this trusted empathy expert and “godmother of the empath movement” presents a new resource filled with her favorite affirmations to support sensitive people.
Affirmations are powerful tools that can radically enhance the quality of your life–especially when used daily. Dr. Orloff offers key strategies for getting the most out of affirmations, with guidance for strengthening your intentions, reinforcing the energy of affirmations, and creatively personalizing your practice. You’ll have 52 affirmations to explore, with space for weekly journaling, organized into eight topics:
– Treasuring Yourself
– Nurturing Vitality
– Creating Wellness
– Balancing Emotions
– Building Healthy Relationships
– Discovering Purpose & Work
– Honoring Intuition
– Finding Sanctuary
“Words and beliefs contain energy,” says Dr. Orloff. “Affirmations are energy shifters. They let you say no to any thoughts, habits, or beliefs that don’t serve you.” This journal offers simple, quick, and effective tools for supporting your empathic gifts of intuition, compassion, and joyous connection.

I really liked this book, against all odds (ie: I do not find the term “empaths” useful). This book doesn’t even really define what it means by ‘empaths’, and often what they mean is something more like “autistic” or even just “sensitive to stimuli” (see the Highly Sensitive Person diagnosis, which in my unprofessional opinion is just autism or even PTSD). This book is set up as a journal, so it introduces an affirmation and then it has several pages for journaling with small prompts. I find this really helpful because the number 1 problem I have with “try telling yourself an affirmation” is that I feel like all affirmations either feel fake or I can’t come up with my own. I also liked that a lot of these affirmations can count as goals for a week, such as “I tune in to my energy level throughout the day. I know how I am feeling and respect my body’s needs”. This affirmation feels Particularly Autistic to me: “I empower myself as an empath every time I decrease stimulation in the face of sensory overload.” Some of these feel a little, uhh, weird to me, such as “My natural empathy makes my body, mind, and spirit, strong and resilient.”, especially because I think you could replace “natural empathy” with literally anything else, but also if you picked up this book you know what I signed up for. I personally will be replacing it with ‘my autism’ or ‘my self’. Four stars.

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