About the Blogger

Hello! I’m Lat (short for Latitude), your friendly book blogger and student of children’s literature. Eventually I would like to study for my MLIS and become a librarian! I live in a very queer house in Michigan with three roommates, five cats, and four bunnies. I like robots, books, tea, and you. I’m fond of crossword puzzles and cozy mysteries when I’m not reading children’s and young adult books for school. I’m also a big fan of Pusheen, a gray cartoon cat! I have big dreams of finishing and publishing my own novel, but for now, I’ll stick to reading them. Welcome to my blog!

Questions? Comments? Hate mail? Please direct it to latitudeslibrary@gmail.com! Thanks for stopping by!

Art by the inimitable and fantastic Ezra – find their twitter @tworobos or click this image which is also a link!