I’m Latitude, or Lat for short, and this is my book blog! I publish a post every day, mostly book reviews, and I mostly read queer YA/MG and cozy mysteries. I’m an early reader for my local bookshop, Booksweet, and I am also a young adult and children’s literature student. I’m chronic, iconic, yonic, and I would accept a tonic.

My Latest Posts

  • Book Review: Like a House on Fire
    I really expected this to be a “fucked up woman makes fucked up decisions for 400 pages and then you’re mad about it but also can’t stop thinking about it” book, and it is kind of that but also like, in some new and different ways. I recommend it! It’s also sapphic. Four stars. Bookshop […]
  • Book Review: Be the Boss of Your Stuff: The Kids’ Guide to decluttering and Creating Your Own Space
    This is a great book! I hated being a kid and my mom would tell me to clean my room but would never really explain HOW. This book really gets kids thinking about HOW to clean their room, especially perpetually messy kids who can’t seem to get ahold of themselves. There are quite a few […]
  • Book Review: Anisa’s International Day
    Are you in third grade and/or did you really enjoy AMERICAN EID? Then this book is for you! A fantastic little story starring Anisa and what she wants to do for her class’s international day. She’s a great younger middle-grade hero, and while there is a MISCOMMUNICATION in the book, it gets resolved in a […]
  • Book Review: Violet and the Crumbs
    This is a really cute book! I love Violet’s raincoat and her polka-dot wellies, and the way she deals with change. Five stars. Bookshop link here.
  • Book Review: Beating Heart Baby
    Honestly I kind of wish this book were like, a hundred pages longer. Not just because I wanted more, but also because I wanted this book to just be drawn out a little longer. I wanted to kind of wallow in a lot more moments, but I guess that’s what rereading is for. This young […]
  • Book Review: Dad’s Girlfriend and Other Anxieties
    This middle-grade book takes a regular middle-grader’s anxiety and — takes it over the top. While Ava’s various fears are understandable, mostly focusing on change, the actions she takes during this book are extreme and show how anxiety can warp your thoughts so that these seem like reasonable things to do. As an adult, I […]
  • Can’t Wait Wednesday | September 21st
    Can’t Wait Wednesday is a book blogging meme hosted over at Wishful Endings. It’s to discuss and spotlight books that you’re excited about but that you haven’t read yet, to get you more excited about your TBR pile! It’s based on Waiting on Wednesday, which is hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. I […]
  • Book Review: Ocean’s Echo
    So I did stay up until 3am last week to read this book, and then I had to fall asleep and wake up again to immediately finish it as soon as I was conscious again. This is crunchy sci-fi mixed with fantastic romance that hits all my favorite tropes. I’ve recently been finding regular contemporary […]
  • Book Review: Tell Me How You Really Feel
    Oh, I really liked this book! I love that it takes place at the backdrop of a film set, and how the main character doesn’t necessarily want to be An Actor but rather a director, which isn’t often seen. And I love a sapphic misunderstood-rivals to lovers! This was ultimately just really sweet. Four stars. […]
  • Book Review: High Times in the Low Parliament
    This book was really weird and kind of whimsical! It’s also really short, so we never really find out what is going on, there’s simply not enough space. Why are there only women in this world? Why do fairies rule everyone? Not a problem, not an issue, just deal with it. Worldbuilding? No! Here is […]