January bullet journaling thoughts!

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My first-quarter bullet journal of 2022!

For the first quarter of 2022, I’m using an “original size” Notebook Therapy notebook which is slightly bigger than B6. I’d never used anything smaller than an A5 before, so this has really been an adjustment for me. However, I think this size is easier to throw in a backpack and take around with me, which I do do because I have in-person school and work right now. It has a linen cover, which is not my favorite but works fairly well, two pink ribbon bookmarks, gilded page edges (I hate this because I usually make a washi-tape edge to differentiate months), and a very nice back pocket. This particular notebook was in the “lucky bag” promotion that Notebook Therapy did, and I preordered it when it was cheaper. It essentially came with a full Notebook Therapy “set”, so, a set of stamps, some washi tape, a ruler, six sheets of stickers, a telescoping pen case, and a tote bag all in the same theme, which is this lovely burgundy red color. The entire set now retails for $150 on Notebook Therapy’s website. Personally, I am never going to use the stamps, and I gave the tote bag to my roommate who uses tote bags more frequently. Honestly, I really like Notebook Therapy’s stuff, and this notebook is no exception, even though the linen edge of the cover is already tearing a bit. But I do like my notebooks to look well-used. I originally intended on using this notebook for the first quarter of 2022 (January-February-March), but at the rate I’m going through pages, I’m going to be done with this notebook by mid-February. Which is only disappointing because then my notebook and pencil case will no longer match. There are only 125 pages in the Original Size of these notebooks, which makes each notebook look like a Normal Notebook. My girlfriend did call my 176-page A5 notebook “chunky”, and worried that I would over-fill it.

Okay! Enough reviewing! Let’s look at the pages I did for January!

Future log in my burgundy Notebook Therapy notebook

This is how I do my future log for my Regular Life Events. You can see that I am using a Color Scheme for this notebook, obviously that excellent burgundy red color. This color is provided by an Archer and Olive calliograph pen in the color “maroon” in some places and “mauve pearl” in others.

NetGalley To Read spread

This is my NetGalley To-Read spread. This is the worst spread I have ever made and has not helped once in the entire time I have used it. The only good thing about it is that it is very satisfying to fill out entire boxes after I have published a review on my blog.

Weekly spread for Jan 1st through 9th

Here’s my weekly spread for January 1st through the 9th, including two weekends. I was on winter break at this point, so my days are filled with three good things that happened rather than events. Except on Tuesday the 4th of January where I Simply Had A Breakdown Instead. You know, typical pandemic things. You can also see other stuff from my Notebook Therapy box – the stamp washi, the washi and the stickers are all from them. I think this was a great spread for the week I had, which did not involve very many Events.

January readings!

Here’s all the reading I had to do for January! In February I realized that I could put the dates in the margin on the right-hand side, so the spread looks a little cleaner. I read so much stuff in January. College!

February 2022 spread

Here’s my February 2022 spread before it’s filled in; you can see that I almost tried to do a cover page here and then was like “I do not see the point”, so there’s also information for February to-dos and goals and good things. Up in the top right where it says “remember”, I’ve put all of the book reviews that I need to do in February. I was really excited to use these little pink sakura blossoms for February, but when I started peeling them up they instantly tore, so I ended up throwing them out and using the patterned flowers instead. The bento box sticker in the corner is from a whole sheet of bento boxes! All of these stickers are from Stickii. I’m not super sure it was a great idea to split this spread into ‘nighttime’ and ‘daytime’, because for some of my all-day events I’m not sure where it should go. In January I split the two sections into “deadlines” and “events”, which also wasn’t very good.

Weekly spread for Feb 14th – 20th

I usually draw my weekly spreads ahead of time, and then the Sunday beforehand I will fill in the tasks that I need to do. I’m particularly proud of this one, I think it looks very cute! I like experimenting ahead of time so that I can just get down to business when I’m ready, and it helps me plan ahead.

Okay, I have to get back to homework now! Thanks for coming to my bullet journal post.

Here’s a list of things I mentioned (not sponsored, it will not help me if you click these links):
the Notebook Therapy lucky bag (sold out!)
Archer and Olive calliograph pens (gone forever??)
Stickii Club stickers (always has stickers!)
Papermate Flair pens

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