Bite-sized reviews and the end of spring break!

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I received all these books at no cost from NetGalley!

The World Cannot Give

The World Cannot Give, Tara Isabella Burton
Comes out March 8th, 2022

This is like…. a sapphic, dark academia A Separate Peace? You ever been a teenager and growing up is hard and nobody understands? That’s basically the summary of Laura Stearns. And then she joins a weirdly intense school church choir and meets Virginia, who is uhhhhh intense. This whole book is really kind of intense and yet ALSO I found it really hard to get into? I feel like it should be read in pieces over the course of several months, it feels like a really slow read. This feels like a four-and-a-half star read. Rounded down for NetGalley, feels like I might revisit this one in the future. Storygraph link. Bookshop link.


Lakelore by Anne-Marie McLemore
Comes out March 8th, 2022

“So many of us are haunted by versions of ourselves we wish we could exile. But the pieces of our beings don’t pull apart that easily.”

Look, I absolutely loved this. It’s about Being Neurodivergent and Having A Gender in a way that isn’t, I don’t know, overblown? It doesn’t, at any point, feel like they are nonbinary for the sake of being nonbinary, and it also isn’t just an aside (which seems to be the only other option a lot of the time). Honestly, I feel like I’m going to be thinking about this one for a long time. I want to get a print copy of this so I can highlight passages. 

Okay, but it’s also all of these things and it’s a magical realism story, which is so — intense, and weird, and incredible. I really liked this one, pals. Five stars. Storygraph link. Bookshop link.

Bagels, Schmears, and a Nice Piece of Fish

Bagels, Schmears, & a Nice Piece of Fish by Cathy Barrow
Comes out March 15th, 2022

The subtitle for this book is “a whole brunch of recipes to make at home”, which is a perfect summary of this book! It’s funny, it’s got a bunch of incredible recipes, it’s happily Jewish, it’s got great photography. We didn’t get to make any recipes from this book before this review was due, but my roommate has promised to make me bagels for my birthday in April, so watch this space (well, the blog. Keep watching the whole of the blog). Also useful to note that not only are there bagels, there are recipes for spreads AND schmears, and recipes for other spreads for your bagels like whitefish and chicken salad. Five stars! Storygraph link. Bookshop link.


Eleutheria, Allegra Hyde
Comes out March 8th, 2022

EVER JOIN A CULT BECAUSE YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE AND YOU’RE ALSO A MANIC PIXIE DREAM GIRL? This was a WEIRD book and I think it was probably not for me because I am ALSO worried about climate change and am a (reformed!) manic pixie dream girl. I don’t NOT recommend it but I don’t …. I didn’t like it. 3.25 stars. (Rounded down for NetGalley.) Storygraph link. Bookshop link.

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