Across a Field of Starlight

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I received this at no cost from NetGalley!

Across a Field of Starlight, Blue Delliquanti
Came out February 8th, 2022

This book is a nonstop SPACE ADVENTURE featuring A REAL ACTUAL NONBINARY PERSON and it’s effortlessly queer. The art is fantastic, IT’S SET IN SPACE, it’s a concept that’s like, “what if Star Wars was actually good and featured regular people rather than Just Luke Skywalker And His Dad Constantly?” Is there some weird worldbuilding? Also yes. Could this be a toss-up between me being An Idiot and also Not Caring That Much? Yes. You might have better luck. Also there are some politics and I love some SPACE POLITICS. 

This was incredible. Yes, I did cry. Four and a half stars, rounded up for NetGalley. It came out February 8th, 2022. Bookshop link. Storygraph link.

There’s a note from the editor in my early copy of this book, which reads:

Dear Reader,

Have you ever picked up a book and felt like you were finding a missing piece? Something that you had wanted, had hoped for, and then finally came across it? That is what I felt when I first saw Across a Field of Starlight by Blue Delliquanti.

To explain that feeling a bit and to give you a little personal history, I have a sibling who is non-binary. One thing that we talk about constantly is the need for stories that portray different gender identities without being about those identities. Why does a book about a trans character have to be about them being trans? Why not have a book featuring non-binary characters who get to go on epic quests just like every other hero we read about?

Blue is a non-binary creator writing a story with non-binary characters, but the best part is, this story isn’t about them being non-binary — this is about space, war, and falling in love. This story is about how decisions can affect those around you, about social inequalities, and about how our environments change the way we interact in relationships. 

I cried the first time I read the full script for this book. And again when I saw the art. And I’ve probably teared up on every reread since then because this book is special. Blue creates this heartfelt journey that explores how human connection can stand the test of distance and time. Featuring a cast of all shapes and sizes, this beautifully illustrated book brings the stars to life in a new and refreshing way that readers of all walks of life and all genders will be able to connect with. 

I’m beyond thrilled to share this early copy with you, and I know this story will resonate with you the same way it did with me.

Happy reading,

Whitney Leopard

Thank you, Whitney. You’re right, it did. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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