The Void Ascendant book review | Love does not compel me, it converts me

The Void Ascendant by Premee Mohamed
480 pages
publishes April 26th, 2022

The mindblowing, cosmic conclusion to the breakout Beneath the Rising trilogy.

Seven years ago, the last survivor of Earth crashed through uncountable dimensions to a strange new world. Nick Prasad found shelter, and a living, as a prophet for the ruling family–servants of the Ancient Ones who destroyed his home.Now, he’s been offered a chance to rid the multiverse of the Ancient Ones, past and present and forever, although he’ll have to betray his new masters to do it.The first step is jailbreaking a god–and that’s the easy part…

SORRY FOR THIS REALLY SHORT REVIEW – I got this after bothering Solaris Publishing for weeks to read it early because the end of A Broken Darkness simply Murdered Me, and they approved me on the day that it archives (today). Obviously I read the entire thing in one sitting between work and class. Yes I have had it preordered since literally last September. Honestly, this is the best end of a trilogy of books that I may have ever read? I feel like I’ve always been disappointed by third books in trilogies, but this was incredible. I would die for Johnny And She Would Let Me. Yeah I can’t wait to reread the whole series this summer. Incredible work by the incredible Premee Mohamed, once again. Who knew a little bug could write so many words?? (Five stars.) Thanks Solaris Publishing for providing this free eARC in exchange for a review, etc etc and also so I would stop bothering them. Bookshop link.

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