Make Your Own Party: Twenty Blueprints to MYO Party! Book review

Make Your Own Party by Chef Kelli Lawton
240 pages
published May 10th, 2022

Award-winning chef Kelli Lewton gives you #PermissionToParty with Make Your Own Party, a beautiful entertaining guide with photography by Detroit’s EE Berger.

Detroit edge meets classically trained know-how in Chef Kelli Lewton, founder and owner of a catering and event company and Culinary Arts Instructor. So put away the fine China and hit up your local thrift store because Chef Kelli encourages you to Make Your Own Party, meeting you where you are, offering up expert guidance, style and food concepts.

With party themes like Unicorns Trending, Boho Beach and South & West, the suggestions in this guide are guaranteed to make your party the talk of the town! And Chef Kelli has done the hard work for you: Each chapter offers a party blueprint including design tips, a full menu and recipes, with a twist: You are the head chef, decorator, and entertainer. Use the plan in its entirety or take what inspires you and leave the rest. MYO Party makes planning gatherings attainable and fun so that you can focus on the important stuff: eating and celebrating with Your People!

Take a journey with MYO Party!

Weird and kind of bittersweet to be reading this book as case transmission goes up to “high” in my county and all chances that I might host my own party go down to “low”. However! It’s possible that I will adapt some of these ideas for just my roommates and I. The lemon shortbread hearts… I’d really like to try and return to stress-baking this summer, which has been a great outlet for me in the past, and I’m thinking about making a lot of the recipes in this book.

Great recipes! Great tips! Interesting photos and ideas! The author talks about “shopping in your own house” which I found helpful, although not necessarily an assuage for my consumer-obsessed self. I want to buy things for events, you know?

Anyhow. Four stars. I’ll update you on the shortbreads.

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