Camp Out Quest: Agents of H.E.A.R.T book review

Camp out quest
Camp Out Quest: Agents of H.E.A.R.T by Sam Hay, illustrated by Genevieve Kote
256 page
published June 28th, 2022

In Camp Out Quest, the second book in this fun, magical illustrated chapter book series from Sam Hay, author of Spy Penguins, a young girl goes camping with her family and enlists the help of friends and fairytale princesses in a quest to get her stepmother to fall in love with the stray puppy she wants to keep.

The Agents of H.E.A.R.T are at it again!

Now that she’s gotten her happily ever after helping out in her family’s café, Evie has one last wish—to keep Fudge, the adorable stray puppy she found. Fudge is extra cute… and extra wiggly… and may have made a mess of the house.

But Evie has a plan. Nothing says family and bonding like camping in the great outdoors. And with her friends coming too, Operation Love Fudge will be a piece of cake—or a delicious gooey s’more!

Maybe, she’ll bring the magical storybook just in case.

In the second book in this fantastically funny series by Spy Penguins author, Sam Hay, Evie and her friends return for a chaotic romp through the forest featuring an easily excitable pup, a fiasco of fairytale princesses, and the power of teamwork.

Obligatory I did not read the first in this series. When you’re a kid, you don’t really understand like, levels of Terribleness, which is weirdly reflected in this book? Evie’s step-mom says that because her puppy stole a hot dog from another set of campers, the police might come and take away her puppy, and this is treated as the Worst Possible Thing that could happen. Which it is! And cops are not really in the business of taking away dogs; in reality they would probably do much worse. I simply don’t think they should be mentioned in the book at all, and certainly not used a threat (towards a puppy??). Anyhow, that’s all mediocre, but the rest of the story is cute and the illustrations are great. Two stars for weird morals and cops; I wouldn’t pick this one up.

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