I Can Draw series!

These are fantastic little books for young artists, and shows how to get from step to step easily. I completed these drawings in Goodnotes! Four stars for each of these books. I received e-ARCs of Everything Cute and Cuddly and Favorite Pets from netGalley at no cost to me.

Release date: Feb 8th, 2022. I Can Draw: Wild Animals. I Can Draw: Favorite Pets. I Can Draw: Cats and Kittens. I Can Draw: Everything Cute and Cuddly. I Can Draw: Dogs and Puppies. I Can Draw: Princesses and Fairy Tales. I Can Draw: Birds and Butterflies. I Can Draw: Horses & Ponies. I Can Draw: Dinosaurs.

Parrot, frog, goldfish, gerbil, cat, long-eared rabbit, dog, ferret, guinea pig
Lizard, snake, chinchilla, short-eared rabbit, turtle

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