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What should art do and what should it not do?

The purpose of art is to be evocative; that is, to evoke emotion in the reader or viewer. Art should evoke some kind of emotion in the reader or viewer; if it does that, then it has succeeded. Sometimes it takes a little work on the part of the reader or the writer to get to that emotion, but if it succeeds in what it set out to do, then it is “good art”. This is not a 1:1 relationship with a person enjoying art. What art should not do is be boring, or lifeless, or entirely neutral. 

Is there a writer or artist that you particularly love or hate? Explain.

I’m in a love/hate relationship with the worst/best author of all time, Brian McGreevy. He wrote this book called HEMLOCK GROVE that is wildly misogynistic and racist, and also it reads like if someone who had only ever watched porn decided to write a literary novel. It’s obscene and it’s not like, good at any point. It was turned into a Netflix series and the Netflix series is three seasons long and it’s also very bad. Lots of the dialogue is taken directly from the book which makes it incredibly awkward and weird. The sentences meander and half of them are entirely metaphor and don’t refer to to anything. It’s a book that thinks it’s far cleverer than it is and acts like it. I want to throw it into the sea and also collect every copy of it for my own personal stores. I’m fascinated by the dichotomous relationship I have with this book and this author, and I’d like to slowly sieve out whatever I enjoy about his book and make it my own and then make it better.

What makes you want to write and who do you write for?

I want to write because I like to, it feels like I have spent a lot of time reading and learning things from books (which is an exciting and fun practice in and of itself) and I want to use that work into making something else. Also I like receiving compliments from my friends. Primarily I write for compliments from my friends. If I wanted to eventually publish work, it would be for Money and also Compliments. I just sometimes feel like when I read, authors are introducing concepts or ideas and not taking those ideas to their full potential. 

What do you want your writing to do or not do?

I want people to laugh! I want people to feel emotions! I want to set up a puzzle and watch it suddenly all fit together! 

I don’t want my writing to be easy to get into, or too “surface-level”; I want there to be a surface level of what you see at first glance, a secondary meaning underneath, and then a third meaning that you can connect back to the work itself. A close reader should get at least two out of three; a savvy reader might get all three. I want to write like this because it makes a reader feel good about themself; we’re sharing a secret between us and they’ve figured at least part of it out. 

What topic about current practices of creative writing or a larger aesthetic investment are you interested in researching and writing about?

I’m interested in the picaresque novel! I enjoy a rascal roguish character getting into scrapes and shenanigans, scraping by in a corrupt society. These are often told in an autobiographical or first person narrative, and I would rather do a close-third person narrative. I also like magical realism (or fabulism, since I’m not a person of color) and would love to incorporate that into a fictional picaresque novel. 


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