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Problematic / Controversial Authors, Now with Sources!

Hello! I love sourcing things. Media literacy, pals! As a friend said, “it’s important to have discussions and call out problematic behavior, esp when it’s so harmful but aligning little discrepancies with actual issues and providing literally no context whatsoever is just ??” The original tweet thread reads that “All of this information is public […]

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The Ones We Burn discourse

Big discourse over The Ones We Burn, which is mostly second-hand information from Twitter/Tiktok/Tumblr etc. I’ve collected a list of Goodreads reviews of people who have actually read the book and their thoughts. I’ll also be averaging ratings at the end of each section. I’ll try to update this in my abundant spare time. Thanks […]

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the desert

You swim from the afternoon to the evening. It’s not a city known for its beaches, but there is a harbor, and you can get out the beach towels, the sun hats, the big dark glasses. You can sit on the dock and you can watch the water. You’re better at swimming this time around, […]

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Ann Arbor District Library Essay

Have you been to your local library lately? Maybe you don’t think it has very much to offer you. Maybe you’re weighed down by the memory of long-overdue books and library fines. Or you never even got a library card! All you need to get a library card or to erase your library fines is […]

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Trolling Online Thoughts

Why have trolls emerged?  What does their existence say about our culture as we watch, follow and “retweet”? Trolls have emerged because online, social sanctions that humanity has relied on and developed for centuries, exist less. On the internet, there is a screen of anonymity, as well as less immediately visible consequences for your actions. Trolls […]

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thoughts on Supreme Court judges

The best advantage for supreme court judges is that they are uniquely positioned to defend the constitutions and help overcome the tyranny of the majority. Because they are not elected, just appointed by the Senate, they cannot make decisions based on the wishes of the public; as the right decision is sometimes neither easy nor […]

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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari thoughts

“The Unchained Camera” episode of “Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood” uses clips, narration and interviews to provide us with a sense of German cinema from the late teens to the late 1920s. What are the particular strengths of German cinema of that period? Instead of dealing with ‘outer’ conflict, like war or divorce or being […]

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