Survive the Dome review | We do this together, or we don’t do it at all.

Survive the Dome by Kosoko Jackson
352 pages
publishes on March 29th, 2022

The Hate U Give meets Internment in this pulse-pounding dystopian thriller about an impenetrable dome around Baltimore that is keeping the residents in and information from going out during a city-wide protest.

Jamal Lawson just wanted to be a part of something. As an aspiring journalist, he packs up his camera and heads to Baltimore to document a rally protesting police brutality after another Black man is murdered.

But before it even really begins, the city implements a new safety protocol…the Dome. The Dome surrounds the city, forcing those within to subscribe to a total militarized shutdown. No one can get in, and no one can get out.

Alone in a strange place, Jamal doesn’t know where to turn…until he meets hacker Marco, who knows more than he lets on, and Catherine, an AWOL basic-training-graduate, whose parents helped build the initial plans for the Dome.

As unrest inside of Baltimore grows throughout the days-long lockdown, Marco, Catherine, and Jamal take the fight directly to the chief of police. But the city is corrupt from the inside out, and it’s going to take everything they have to survive.

“Darkness and pain and hate and anger come slowly, creeping like ivy, and they strangle you, and before long, you’re a victim of it like everybody else.”

Thanks to NetGalley for this review copy!

This is a really fast-paced book that honestly reminds me a lot of The Marrow Thieves, which is basically like, Futuristic/Dystopian technology plus Current World Problems. I could not put this book down and read it in like about four hours. It’s not as lyrical writing as The Marrow Thieves, but it’s more intense. Honestly the way this book is written is kind of anxiety-inducing!

Four stars from me. Storygraph link. Bookshop link.

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