AM I DYING?! book review

Am I Dying? by Christopher Kelly and Marc Eisenberg
Released December 31st 2018

This book was provided to me at no cost through the Ann Arbor District Library in exchange for the social contract I agreed to with my library card. I checked it out!


  • I am very dramatic and will convince myself I have a tumor for every symptom, and this book tells you “it’s gonna be okay”
  • It’s funny (most of the time)
  • It’s informative without being too Sciency


  • A couple instances of fatphobia (implication that fat people are unhealthy and just need to diet/exercise)
  • Pretty gender-y (Lady Parts and Gentleman Parts chapters, as well as “men should not lactate ever, go to an emergency room”, implication that only women are pregnant or can become pregnant).
    • I think these are both pretty standard Doctor Problems, I think if you’re trans you should have or can get some critical thinking to be like, well, I’m not a woman but I have this symptom that is described here, and this is how it’s affecting me and this is what I’m going to do. Trans men obviously can and should take a photo of “no men should ever lactate” and share it with their friends for a mean laugh. Fat people obviously should do they same (if they want), fat trans people should date my roommate. Sorry what was I talking about ? 
  • Medium acknowledgement of people with chronic conditions, fairly spotty. More about diagnosing chronic conditions than “if you already have This chronic condition, you should actually…” which like, this is a pop culture medicine book, not your personal doctor, it’s not going to apply specifically to you.

ANYHOW. I think this book is great to keep on your nightstand if you are a hypochondriac who keeps pushing themself into anxiety spirals by looking up symptoms on Google. Three point two five stars. Bookshop link. Ann Arbor District Library link

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