Book Review: AM I DYING?!

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I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: AM I DYING?!Am I Dying?! by Christopher Kelly, M.D., Marc Eisenberg, M.D.
Published by HarperCollins on December 31, 2018
Genres: Health & Fitness / Healthy Living & Personal Hygiene, Health & Fitness / Reference, Medical / Diseases
Pages: 352
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: Netgalley

As featured on CBS This Morning, The Dr. Oz Show, and Lifehacker.

A comprehensive, light-hearted resource for the hypochondriac in all of us, from two Columbia University doctors who review dozens of symptoms and offer advice on when to chill out, make a doctor’s appointment, or go to the hospital.

Cardiologists at Columbia University Medical Center, Christopher Kelly, MD, and Marc Eisenberg, MD, FACC, are both highly accomplished physicians and health experts. Though they treat people of all ages with diverse health concerns, the one question most patients really want to know is, “Am I dying?!”

Most new symptoms turn out to be minor. Most likely, that stuffy nose isn’t a sign of cancer. But sometimes a headache isn’t just a temporary nuisance; it could be a sign of a serious condition. None of us wants to ignore a problem that could harm our health or even cause death. Though the internet offers a wealth of data, it can also be a source of harmful misinformation. So if you have a new symptom, how worried should you be?

In Am I Dying?!, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Eisenberg walk you through the most common symptoms—from back pain, bloating, chest pain, constipation, and forgetfulness to fatigue, rashes, shortness of breath, and weakness— and provide helpful, conversational guidance on what to do. Organized in a humorous, easy-to-access format and packed with practical information and expert advice, Am I Dying?! is an essential resource every household needs.

This book was provided to me at no cost through the Ann Arbor District Library in exchange for the social contract I agreed to with my library card. I checked it out!


  • I am very dramatic and will convince myself I have a tumor for every symptom, and this book tells you “it’s gonna be okay”
  • It’s funny (most of the time)
  • It’s informative without being too Sciency


  • A couple instances of fatphobia (implication that fat people are unhealthy and just need to diet/exercise)
  • Pretty gender-y (Lady Parts and Gentleman Parts chapters, as well as “men should not lactate ever, go to an emergency room”, implication that only women are pregnant or can become pregnant).
    • I think these are both pretty standard Doctor Problems, I think if you’re trans you should have or can get some critical thinking to be like, well, I’m not a woman but I have this symptom that is described here, and this is how it’s affecting me and this is what I’m going to do. Trans men obviously can and should take a photo of “no men should ever lactate” and share it with their friends for a mean laugh. Fat people obviously should do they same (if they want), fat trans people should date my roommate. Sorry what was I talking about ? 
  • Medium acknowledgement of people with chronic conditions, fairly spotty. More about diagnosing chronic conditions than “if you already have This chronic condition, you should actually…” which like, this is a pop culture medicine book, not your personal doctor, it’s not going to apply specifically to you.

ANYHOW. I think this book is great to keep on your nightstand if you are a hypochondriac who keeps pushing themself into anxiety spirals by looking up symptoms on Google. Three point two five stars. Bookshop link. Ann Arbor District Library link

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