I Am The Ghost In Your House book review

I Am the Ghost In Your House by Mar Romasco-Moore
432 pages
Published April 19th, 2022

From the author of Some Kind of Animal comes a wildly unique story about an invisible girl struggling to see herself in a world obsessed with appearances.

Pie is the ghost in your house.

She is not dead, she is invisible.

The way she looks changes depending on what is behind her. A girl of glass. A girl who is a window. If she stands in front of floral wallpaper she is full of roses.

For Pie’s entire life it’s been Pie and her mother. Just the two of them, traveling across America. They have slept in trains, in mattress stores, and on the bare ground. They have probably slept in your house.

But Pie is lonely. And now, at seventeen, her mother’s given her a gift. The choice of the next city they will go to. And Pie knows exactly where she wants to go. Pittsburgh–where she fell in love with a girl who she plans to find once again. And this time she will reveal herself.

Only how can anyone love an invisible girl?

A magnificent story of love, and friendship, and learning to see yourself in a world based on appearances, I Am the Ghost in Your House is a brilliant reflection on the importance of how much more there is to our world than what meets the eye.

This cover might actually genuinely kill me. LOOK AT IT. Jeez Louise. Anyhow, this is definitely marketed as horror (see: the COVER,) and there are some tension-filled parts, but it’s more fabulist than it is horror. What did I just compare to “burn our bodies down” by Rory Power? I think it was “Queen of Junk Island”. Not to reveal that I only read like 12 books two years ago before I started this book blog, but I would ALSO like to compare this to “burn our bodies down”. Big on the mom trauma, or the mauma, if you will.

It’s a slow read and it’s full of aching loneliness and isolation. It’s a sadder, more sapphic readalike to “Things Not Seen” by Andrew Clements.

We’re gonna go for 3.5 stars, rounded up for NetGalley.

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