Radical Radiance book review | 12 weeks of self-love rituals to manifest abundance, beauty, and joy

Radical Radiance by Angela Jia Kim
320 pages
publishes June 14th, 2022

A magical 12-week self-love program that helps readers to radiate inner and outer glow to manifest beauty, abundance and joy, from the founder and CEO of Savor Beauty + Spa.

We can all think of someone who radiates beauty, vibrancy, and confidence that emanates from a lit-from-within quality. But what exactly is this irresistible magnetism, and how can you develop it within yourself to manifest all the abundance, beauty, and joy that you not only crave, but deserve?

In this customizable 12-week self-care program, Angela Jia Kim teaches you how to nourish your inner and outer glow so your radiance shines from every pore of your being. Drawing upon her Korean beauty heritage and decades of experience as a former concert pianist and founder of Savor Beauty, she reveals how your skin and soul have a lot in common—they both need purification, detoxification, exfoliation, and nourishment.

Within, you will find:
– A profound self-love practice: how to treat your skin “like the most expensive silk on Earth,” as Angela’s mom would say, which sets a deep foundational lesson for how to treat your soul
– Over 50 simple-yet-powerful self-care prompts, purposeful plans, and radiance rituals.
– Real-life stories to inspire you to become a magnetic manifesting force by restoring self-worth, awakening feminine energy, and connecting with your Higher Self.

Radical Radiance teaches you how to illuminate your authentic beauty and transform your life for radiance, magic, and happiness.

This book is a little nightmare of regular American self-care bullshit. Ever been on Instagram and swiped through stories of self-care influencers? That’s this book. There’s nothing useful or new in this book. Here’s a quote from the introduction that really highlights how I feel about it: “One of my ‘aha!’ moments happened while on tour before a piano performance; I put on a ‘natural’ lotion on my body and broke out into horrible hives in front of hundreds of people. It was a humiliating experience. After the recital, I saw that the ingredients were full of chemicals.” Everything’s full of chemicals! This is useless to me! I’m allergic to coconut oil, that’s going to send me into anaphylactic shock, that doesn’t mean that nobody should use it! (Also lots of the suggestions do involve coconut oil.) One star.

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