Shifty’s Boys audiobook review

Shifty’s Boys, a Mick Hardin Novel by Chris Offutt
272 pages
published June 7th, 2022

Mick Hardin is an Army CID officer home on leave, recovering from an IED attack and flirting with prescription painkillers, when a body is found in the center of town. It’s Barney Kissick, the local heroin dealer, and the city police see it as an occupational hazard. But when Barney’s mother, Shifty, asks Mick to take a look, he finds there’s more to the killing than it seems. Mick should be rehabbing his leg, signing his divorce papers, and getting out of town—and most of all, staying out of the way of his sister’s reelection as Sheriff—but he keeps on looking, and suddenly he’s getting shot at himself.

A dark, pacy crime novel about grief and revenge and the surprises hidden below the surface, Shifty’s Boys is a tour de force that confirms Mick Hardin as one of the most appealing new investigators in fiction.

Uhhhh well you know what? This is Not a Cozy Mystery and I do not remember requesting it but I did not expect this to Not Be A Cozy Mystery. Honestly I think I picked this up because I expected the car on the cover to represent repressed homosexual desires. It Did Not. This is a book for people like my grandfather, a Manly Man. I Am Not The Target Audience. Honestly this book mostly reminded me of Stephen King novels but nothing ever got Horrific. Uhhhh two stars but also I Am Not The Target Audience disclaimer. Also I enjoyed the narrator. Thank you NetGalley and also Sorry.  Bookshop link here.

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