Nothing Burns as Bright As You book review

Nothing Burns as Bright As You by Ashley Woodfolk
288 pages
published April 5th, 2022

From acclaimed author Ashley Woodfolk, Nothing Burns as Bright as You is an impassioned story about queer love, grief, and the complexity of female friendship that will keep your heart racing, and breaking, until the very last page.

Two girls. One wild and reckless day. Years of tumultuous history unspooling like a thin, fraying string in the hours after they set a fire.

They were best friends. Until they became more. Their affections grew. Until the blurry lines became dangerous.

Over the course of a single day, the depth of their past, the confusion of their present, and the unpredictability of their future is revealed. And the girls will learn that hearts, like flames, aren’t so easily tamed.

It starts with a fire.

How will it end?

Uhhh so unfortunately it turns out that I hate novels written in verse. I have no idea what happened in this book, but it did sound very pretty and it was very gay, which is also the experience of being gay (having no idea what is going on). I think literally anyone else reading this book would enjoy it, but it was Not For Me. I think it’s likely that I would like Ashley Woodfolk’s other books, though! Three stars. Bookshop link here.

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