The Asperkid’s (Secret) Book of Social Rules (10th anniversary edition) book review

The Asperkid’s Secret Book of Social Rules: The Handbook of (Not-So-Obvious Neurotypical Social Guidelines for Autistic Teens) by Jennifer Cook
304 pages
June 21st, 2022

Being a teen or tween is tough for anyone. And if you’re on the Autism Spectrum, life can feel like a game you’re playing without knowing the rules. Jennifer Cook knows – she’s been there! Her internationally bestselling handbook is the key to unlocking those unwritten, often confusing, not-so-obvious social guidelines and bolstering confidence, all at once.

Finally, teens can play the game of life with instructions. The 10th Anniversary Edition of The (Secret) Book of Social Rules reveals the essential secrets behind the baffling social codes surrounding making and keeping friends, dating, and catastrophic conversation pitfalls, with all-new content on social media and talking about neurodiversity. It’s no wonder Jennifer’s is the navigation tool tens of thousands of fans have come to love! Full of brand-new funny illustrations, take-it-from-me explanations, and comic strip examples, this Book of the Year award winner is real, positive, and speaks from the heart (without ever sounding like your mother’s guide to manners). It’s confidence, humor, and smarts. For the Human Spectrum.

Look, I was prepared to absolutely hate this book and rip it apart because ‘asperger’s’ is Out of Vogue, but they actually address it and talk about it (although not Directly, ie, we don’t use Asperger’s anymore because Mr. Asperger was a Nazi, just that it is a Problematic Thing). I really think that if it’s being re-released, they could go with a new title. The author is autistic, which follows “nothing for us without us” (vs Own Voices), which I really really appreciated. This is a great book to pull social advice from; while this book is aimed towards teenagers, I jotted down some useful rules. It’s really presented in a way where it’s like, here is a rule, and now here is a personal story where you can see what I did in this situation and apply it to your own life, or relate to it, etc. Written-down rules for social situations are much easier for me personally to follow, so I thought this was extremely helpful. Four stars; great book, bad title.

Bookshop link here.

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